In nature, when pollen spreads, new things grow. Stories have the same power.

So many of the stories that surround us are harmful — steeped in the toxicity of white supremacy, concentrated power, and deferred justice.


As Pollen spreads new stories, we’re focused on the way they can come together to dismantle existing dynamics, and build a new narrative in their place.

Art & Voices on the stories shaping our community

The nation’s eyes are on the Twin Cities. The choices we make as a region could resonate in communities far beyond ours. What narrative will emerge from 2021?

Reimagining Public Safety

A video and story series exploring community perspectives on policing, and sharing the voices of those imagining a new future for public safety in Minneapolis.

Are You OK?

Stories, art, and connection nurturing a community of care during the COVID-19 crisis.

Shifting harmful narratives requires ongoing personal, community, and systemic transformation.

Get Involved

Pollen can help you plug in at each level of transformation to change our collective story for the better.


With your support, we’ll use storytelling, art, and connection to break down the harmful narratives that are obstacles to a more equitable, vibrant Minneapolis and St. Paul, and elevate narratives that help us imagine—and work toward—a better future in our region. 

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Join Us

Get tickets to our June 1st virtual event—a community conversation to collectively imagine an idealized future for Minneapolis and St. Paul and examine the pathways and obstacles to realizing that future. We’ve designed this virtual event to provide you with the knowledge, inspiration, soul-building skills, and human connections that will unlock your capacity for courage and action.


Pollen’s mission to foster empathy, encourage connection across difference, and inspire meaningful action through narrative storytelling is made possible by the generous support of these values-driven partners. Interested in joining them? Learn more about becoming a 2021 Pollen sponsor.