Reimagining Public Safety

A story and video series created in partnership with Pillsbury United Communities, exploring policing, public safety, and a better path forward.


It’s clear that the current system of policing doesn’t serve our communities in equitable, constructive, or healing ways. What’s less clear is where we go from here. The solution will come not from a singular source, but through examining the layered histories, needs, and experiences that shape community expectations of public safety.





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A letter from our Editorial Director

Minneapolis is asking itself big questions on the future of public safety.

Read Things Must Change.

If budgets express values, what does the Minneapolis police budget say about us?

Read Between the Numbers.

Young people in our community have stories to tell and songs to sing about safety.

Read An Untitled Song.

In the wake of another death at the hands of police, how does hope persist?

Read Here Again.




Pillsbury United Communities
This story is the first in a series we are creating in partnership with Pillsbury United Communities called "Reimagine Public Safety," which will explore the possibilities for the future of policing and public safety in Minneapolis. The project is being led by PUC's storyteller in residence, filmmaker D.A. Bullock. This project is funded with support from The Minneapolis Foundation.
Pollen Midwest
Pollen Midwest invests in human connection to fuel momentum for social change by mapping critical narratives, hosting events where essential conversations happen, and linking people to new professional and personal opportunities. Unbound produced by Pollen Studio, Pollen's creative agency.
Nyemadi Louise Dunbar
Nyemadi Louise Dunbar is a creative strategist and storyteller currently pursuing her MBA part-time at St. Thomas’ Opus College of Business. She has spent her career amplifying communications and strengthening operations for nonprofit organizations, small businesses and a tech company.

Raised in Minneapolis, the daughter of Liberian immigrants, she is dedicated to eradicating oppression and destructive -isms toward seeing society fully realize itself as an inclusive, safe and welcoming place full of empowered people who have the access and opportunity to thrive. Consistently curious about the world - and galaxy - around her, she explores through travel, tunes, the collection of books, engaging in conversation and putting pen to paper. Nyemadi holds a special place in her life for physics, fashion and film photography.
Kenzie O'Keefe
As Director of Policy and Advocacy, Kenzie O’Keefe leads PUC’s efforts to realize justice for our communities in government and other institutional spaces. Kenzie joined PUC in early 2016 to lead the launch of the agency’s first community media social enterprise, North News. For over four years she worked with North Minneapolis residents, many of them youth, to ready their truths for publication and change the negative narrative about the Northside. In addition to journalism, she brings a background in design thinking, education, and innovation to her work as a policymaker. She was a 2019-20 Humphrey Policy Fellow.
Ruby Oluoch
As Pollen Studio Manager, Ruby manages the relationships and collaborative processes that connect Pollen Studio's design and storytelling expertise to our mission-driven client projects. Her previous experience includes managing communications projects to advance gender and racial equity statewide. Ruby believes telling stories is an act of love and resistance, and she is the proud organizer of several literary circles in the Twin Cities. Her favorite place to read is on the plane ride to her next travel adventure.
D.A. Bullock
D.A. Bullock has been an award-winning cinematographer, writer and director for over 15 years. As a film and television director, an ad-agency creative, cinematographer and an editor, Bullock has honed every facet of his filmmaking repertoire. In 2011, Bullock founded Bully Creative Shop in Minneapolis. Bully Creative Shop believes in story. “Story is the spark. Story plants the seed of innovative thinking. Story shakes up the status quo.” In 2014, Bullock was also named a McKnight Foundation / IFP Minnesota Media Arts Fellow.
Melanie Walby
Melanie Walby is the Design Director of Pollen Midwest who joined our team after working at various ad agencies in Minneapolis. Her illustration, typography and design bring stories to life in collaboration with our freelance network of illustrators and photographers. She's a former board member of AIGA Minnesota, was recently named one of AdFed’s “32 Under 32”, and has been featured in Communication Arts,, and Adobe Creative Jam. Melanie’s work is driven by a deep understanding of how art and design moves people towards social change.
Jerome Rankine
As Editorial Director, Jerome is the keeper of Pollen’s editorial voice and vision. He works with Pollen’s talented stable of writers to produce stories that entertain, enlighten, and invite readers to take action. Jerome spends a lot of time hunched over keyboards--either editing the latest Pollen feature, or composing music in his home studio. He’s active in local politics, less active on social media, and more active in his kitchen.