Elections are one of the most important moments we can use to shape the future of our community. They impact all of the issues that energize us, that keep us up at night, that move us to action. Now till November 6, we have the chance to make our mark on these issues through our voices and our votes.

Know your issue, research the candidates, and exercise your right to vote.

This is time to vote.


When we talk equity, we want to talk about intersectionality. How do candidates talk about racial equity, gender equity, equity for all people, no matter their ability, gender identity or sexuality? Do they talk about it at all? Do they incorporate these perspectives into discussions on other issues, or do they seem to tack them on later? Disparities can’t be addressed without complex thinking.


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on equity. 
All of our seats in the U.S. Congress are up this year, the main office that impacts the funding given to agriculture and funding for food access. They decide on things like SNAP funds, the assistance that low-income people receive for food. Our state representatives, who are also up for election, make important decisions on this topic too. What kinds of pesticides do we allow? How do we protect our food supply? These are important questions to ask candidates.


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on food access. 


To make sure that transportation in our region moves into the 21st century, do your homework on the candidates for governor, for county commissioner, and the state legislature. Transportation funding can come from many levels of government, so we need to look at all levels for help in creating a system that works for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on transportation. 


If you care about the environment, make sure that you are voting in the Governor’s race and for your state representative. Most environmental policy happens at the state level, so it’s incredibly important that we elect people who are committed to protecting the planet and creating resiliency to climate change. 


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on the environment. 


One race has an exceptional amount of impact on our criminal justice system: our county attorney. What language do county attorney candidates use when talking about incarceration and the criminalization of oppressed peoples? How do they feel about restorative justice or reforming our juvenile justice system? Also important: the County Sheriff, an elected law enforcement official who sets important standards about how we treat poor and working class people, immigrants and systematically oppressed peoples. 


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on criminal justice. 


The next Governor will set a tone for the future of our state, for the philosophy behind the job creation programs we take on, for how we will interact with the rest of the country and the world. While the state legislature still has the power to pass the legislation that will actually create these programs and policies or allocate the budget for them, the Governor holds the pen that will pass that legislation. Ask yourself—does the economic agenda of Jeff Johnson, Tim Walz or one of the minor party candidates best align with the vision you have for our state? 


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on jobs & the economy. 




Across the state, various school boards have seats up for election. These races don’t normally get much attention, and it can be hard to get a lot of information about candidates because their races don’t normally have a lot of funding. It can be helpful to look to at who is endorsing candidates, including groups that share your political ideology. These local candidates have incredible power to shape way that we educate kids in every area. 


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on education and families. 
As access to health care and reproductive rights continues to face political attack, our Attorney General plays an important role in advising state departments on the law. They also bring our state to the table when state Attorneys General join forces to comment or take action on federal policy they see as unjust, a powerful tool when rights we often take for granted are at risk. 


Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on health care and reproductive rights. 


It’s getting harder and harder to find a safe, healthy and affordable place to live. Want to make sure that we are getting the funding we need to end homelessness, provide affordable housing and grow our communities in a way that doesn’t displace people? Investigate the platforms of your candidates for county commissioner. 

Know your ballot and where the candidates stand on housing. 




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