Thaiphy is a father, husband and professional event photographer based in the Frogtown neighborhood of Saint Paul, MN. His work has been showcased at the Minnesota Museum of American Art and the Minneapolis Institute of Art.


I knew the water would be rushing hard this time of year and I wanted to capture the movement with human subjects in frame. Finding the right shutter speed to capture the flowing water as well as  keeping people in focus proved to be challenging yet satisfying. Got my son and some of his friends together to play in the park. Bubbles are always a hit and the Mentos/Coke challenge was a blast.


Locations: Jay Cooke State Park, Saint Louis River – Minnehaha Falls – Cherokee Park, Saint Paul.



Tyler Anderson is a lifestyle, landscape, and portrait photographer based in Lanesboro, MN. He has been interested in photography for as long as he can remember. From the days when his mom handed him her Kodak with a roll of 35mm film to the present day working with a digital camera, photography has always played an important part in his life. Relocating with his wife and two children in 2014 to Lanesboro from Minneapolis gave him the opportunity to fully exercise his passion of landscape and nature photography. He feels a strong connection to the Driftless Region, and his photography aims to show its unique natural beauty. Tyler is a published photographer, and his photos have been featured in 507 Magazine (Rochester, MN), The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, MN Preservationist Magazine, Minnesota Public Radio, Midwest Living Magazine, and Lavender Magazine, among others. Tyler’s work has been chosen for publication in a book, Memory Makers – A JJ Community and Lexar Collaboration Featuring 75 of Instagram’s Best Photographers c. 2017. With camera in hand, you’ll often find him on one of the numerous gravel roads of the driftless chasing light for that perfect shot.

For my spring shoot I’ll be working with Root River Rod out of Lanesboro.


Every spring they organize a river clean up. They get out with their drift boats in the river and have folks walk the banks to clean up after the snowmelt. It’s an awesome day where everyone is outside, celebrating and caring for the natural spaces in southeast Minnesota.



Sharolyn Hagen is a photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. With over 20 years experience freelancing around the Twin Cities, she has a keen eye & unique ability of putting her subjects at ease. Whether an event or portrait session, she creates genuine connections that evoke emotional responses in her images. While tech school gave her a strong platform, she believes photography is a fascinating lifelong learning process and feels like she’s finally honing in on her craft.


Mike Gervais has commuted for work using his bike for many years, currently living in uptown & working in downtown Minneapolis. I shot images of him throughout different areas of downtown around sunset (when he’d typically be riding home after work). I also did some panning shots, some low ground vantages, and shots showing the juxtaposition of him riding next to vehicles.


Hope Lehan and her two small children (Willie & Etta) have a vast garden space at their home in Maple Grove. Every year they plant a variety of fruits, veggies, herbs and flowers. I got macro shots of their hands in the dirt, planting seeds, and prepping the soil for the upcoming summer.



Andrew Arrieta (working as Drew Arrieta) is a documentary photographer and artist. Arrieta’s work is an investigation into community, resilience, and human-led stories — calling attention to race, climate, and class issues. His work has appeared in Vogue, NBC News, and the Columbia Journalism Review.


The ground in Minnesota begins to thaw in the spring, allowing life-giving nature to flourish. For the past several growing seasons, the Plant Corner has offered free starter herb and vegetable plants at its pop-up events as a way to promote healing in the Twin Cities. Normally these plants would end up in landfills but are now rescued by local gardeners. From acquiring a seedling at a pop-up event to planting it, the images illustrate the perspective of a Minneapolis gardener.



Amy Gee is a freelance photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. Her studies in photojournalism and cinema have inspired her to capture moments that evoke emotion. She finds energy in traveling the world and discovering new places, and she will always have at least three cameras packed for her next destination.


* Outreach to Lower Phalen Creek Project x Urban Bird Collective to photograph a bird watching group engaging with the outdoors.


* Earth Day 4/23 – Minneapolis Parks Clean Up (morning) – depending on other photographer plans, this could change to any place outside of Minneapolis.


* Free Park Days – 4/23 @ Fort Snelling and surrounding state parks within 1 hour.




Nemuel Sereti is the son of an immigrant mother. He is an adventure photographer and visual artist based in Minneapolis but available for hire worldwide. Fueled by an innate passion for storytelling through visual arts, he has traveled to many places capturing the beauty of the natural world encompassed by amazing people he has had the privilege to meet. Nemuel specializes in landscape and portrait photography—as well as slowly but steadily improving his expertise for videography as a tool for enhancing his storytelling skills.

Picture 1: This image includes mom and my grandmother and it is taken in my mom’s backyard. She was raised farming my grandma’s farm in Kenya and has kept the tradition going. She mainly grows greens that Kenyans eat with our meals.


Picture 2: This image includes my niece, uncle, and mom farming in the backyard. My niece always loves to help my mom every spring and summer at the garden.


Picture 3: This image is of a Kenyan farmer out in Big Lake who takes care of goats, sheep, and chickens. I reached out to him since I know him via the community, and he was very willing for me to come and document how he caters to the animals.


Picture 4: This image was taken at a local area near Crystal Airport where many Kenyans in Minnesota have always rented plots of land there to farm seasonally, and this was a community member who I know that was tending to his plot to prep it for planting greens.


Picture 5: This image was taken while I was walking around the Lake of Isles and ran into this guy that was fishing by himself. I introduced myself and asked him if he was comfortable with me taking a photo of him fishing and he agreed and this is my favorite photo from that.


Picture 6: This is my friend Lensa who, I have known since high school and we went to the same college. She loves to hammock in the warm days of the years, and I contacted her when she plans to hammock and I took some photos of her basking in the sun.


Picture 7: This image was taken on a warm summer day, and it stands out to me because this family of 4 was fishing at a local lake as the sun was setting and it was too good of a scene to not capture.


Picture 8: This image is from a weekly volleyball tournament I play with Oromo friends during the summer.


Picture 9: This is another photo of the farmer in Big Lake who was kind enough to allow me to photograph him, and I was also able to buy some organic chicken eggs from him at the end.


Picture 10: This is another image of the farmer at the farm area near Crystal Airport. He was very willing to allow me to photograph him.




Jaida Grey Eagle is an Oglala Lakota artist, currently located in St. Paul, MN. Jaida is a photojournalist, producer, beadwork artist, and writer. She is a Report for America Fellow with the Sahan Journal covering communities of color in the Twin Cities. She is also researching Indigenous photography at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts as an ongoing former Curatorial Fellow.

Hope Flanagan, Seneca, is the community outreach and cultural teacher at Dreams of Wild Health. On May 31st she led a group of folks on a plant foraging walk through the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Theodore Wirth Park in Minneapolis. Hope teaches plant knowledge in the Ojibwe language and speaks about the importance of taking care of plant relatives by being in a reciprocal relationship, it is always stressed to bring tobacco on these walks to offer back to the earth as a gift when taking.






Awa Mally is a Togolese photographer based in Minneapolis, MN. Born in Togo, she immigrated with her family to Minnesota in 2003. Always having an interest in arts and culture, she was involved in many youth programs growing up though not having much support. Taking her first art opportunity outside of school at 16 by joining the Walker Art Center’s teen arts program, she was inspired to take on her passion. In 2016 she began photographing for a social justice group she started with her peers and has been pursuing photography since. As a self-taught photographer, she’s accomplished many things such as working for local organizations like the Science Museum, Walker Art Center, and UndocuBlack; a feature in Vice Magazine; a single cover for global musician Afro B; and the recent installation of her first billboard for It’s The People 2021. Awa’s ultimate goal in life is to create programs for youth and marginalized people to gain more access to arts and technology, and to build bridges between cultures and communities.