50 Over 50: Conversations on Aging Well
Pollen and AARP Minnesota
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Virtual Event
November 16, 2021
Connect with 50 Over 50 honorees who are changing the conversation on aging, paving new paths for themselves and others, and harnessing hope for the future.
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Conversations on Aging Well

November 16, 2021
11:30am-1:00pm Central

Join us on Zoom

We all have something to learn and something to teach. And that doesn’t stop after the age of 50. In fact, as we age, our propensity to try new things, to embrace failure, and to evolve grows stronger. Just ask AARP Minnesota and Pollen’s cohort of 50 Over 50 honorees who are changing the conversation on aging, making an impact in their communities, and sharing their optimism for the future.

Join AARP Minnesota and Pollen on Tuesday, November 16, for our next 50 Over 50 virtual community event. Diana Pierce, a 2020 50 Over 50 Disruptor and the host of “What’s Next”, will sit down with fellow honorees Gail Chang Bohr, Hope Flanagan, Beth Parkhill, and Diego Vázquez Jr. to dispel the myth that there’s only one path for us once we reach a certain age.




Honorable Gail Chang Bohr (ret.), 2016 50 Over 50 Disruptor Honoree

Beth Parkhill, 2020 50 Over 50 Business Honoree

Diego Vázquez Jr., 2020 50 Over 50 Arts Honoree

Moderated by Diana Pierce, 2020 50 Over 50 Disruptor Honoree

Hope Flanagan, 2018 50 Over 50 Disruptor Honoree

With a reading by Marcie Rendon, 2018 Arts Honoree





Welcome & Performance 11:30am
Conversation 11:45am
Connections 1:00pm (for honorees only)


Live captioning is available, and ASL interpreters are available upon request. When registering, please let us know what you need to fully experience the event.


AARP Minnesota works every day to challenge outdated beliefs and spark new solutions. Pollen shares stories of individuals who want to change our collective story for the better. Our two organizations came together to recognize and celebrate the possibilities and contributions that come with age.



Pollen and AARP Minnesota’s 50 Over 50 list celebrates the hope, resilience, and contributions of those over the age of 50 who work tirelessly to make Minnesota better for all of us.

Since 2016, we’ve honored over 250 individuals from across the state of Minnesota who keep our communities connected, whole, and nourished; strengthen and grow our nonprofit sector; create a thriving culture; steward our economic resources and talent; and infuse the energy of innovation into industries, products, systems, and policies that improve our lives.

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    Honorable Gail Chang Bohr
    2016 Disruptor | Infinity Project
  • +
    Hope Flanagan
    2018 Disruptor | Dreams of Wild Health
  • +
    Beth Parkhill
    2020 50 Over 50 Business Honoree
  • +
    Diana Pierce
    2020 Disruptor | "What's Next with Diana Pierce"
  • +
    Marcie Rendon
    2018 Arts Honoree | Author
  • +
    Diego Vazquez Jr
    2020 Arts Honoree | The Women's Writing Program