#LikeABoss | When Shit Hits The Fan
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October 29, 2020
Leaders aren’t always bosses and bosses aren’t always leaders. At Pollen's #LIKEABOSS events you can expect personified animals, honest and personal stories, and a call to action to change the culture of leadership no matter your role.
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#LIKEABOSS | When Shit Hits The Fan

10:30am-12pm Central



#LIKEABOSS When Shit Hits the Fan. Uncensored. Say it. Name it. A release for what we’ve been holding and hope for us in the long haul of the larger injustices we’re facing on top of our day to day struggles living in a pandemic. Showing up as full human at this time can’t and shouldn’t be business as usual. 

And while nothing about this year has looked as any of us planned, in our constant adapting, we often learn more about our priorities, our leadership style, and ourselves.

Join us on Thursday, October 29, to hear from community leaders about how they’re personally, emotionally, and leaderfully navigating the world-changing aftermath of nurturing people and work through a global pandemic while simultaneously living and working in the epicenter of a national reckoning of police brutality and economic injustice. 

How do we continue to show up in our work while experiencing compounding trauma? What do the humans in our teams need from leaders in these moments? How can we set boundaries to protect, heal, and restore our hope, humor, and joy? As humans, we don’t get to pick and choose when our metaphorical shit will hit the fan, or if it will happen individually, collectively, or both. But when it does, we can share our stories, listen to one another, and ultimately just show up for each other.




Felicia Perry, West Broadway Business & Area Coalition

Kelly Drummer, MIGIZI

Noel Nix, City of Saint Paul

Khadijah Cooper, Comedian

Moderated by Nancy Lyons, Clockwork



Welcome & Performance 10:30am
Panel discussion 10:40am
Breakout sessions 11:20am
Closing 11:45am


Live captioning is available, and ASL interpreters are available upon request.


#LIKEABOSS brings together some of the biggest bosses around to tackle more than just conversations and opinion sharing. This series breaks down the barriers that prevent leaders from developing the managerial courage they need to perform at their best. You can count on personified animals, honest and personal stories, and a call to action to change the culture of leadership no matter your role.


#LikeABoss is presented by the Bush Foundation with additional support provided by US Bank, Team Dynamics LLC, Eide Bailly, CliftonLarsonAllen, and Clockwork

Animals by Olivia St. Martin. Type and illustrations by Pollen Design Director Melanie Walby. 

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