Throughout March we’ll be screaming about the ramifications of gender trembling through every corner of our lives, our work, and our dreams.

And we’ll share the stories of many Pollenites who are joining us in screaming about their ongoing battles with the consequence of their gender—sometimes won, sometimes lost.


Both in person at Work Redux and through our online profiles, we’ll host women screaming stories about the consequence of their gender:



Coming Soon:


  • Kao Kalia Yang will walk us through her first understanding of gender. 


  • Sarah Super will share her work with Break the Silence for rape survivors.


  • Andrea Jenkins will invite us into her historic City Council campaign. 


  • Sarah Clyne will walk us through the work of the Domestic Abuse Project. 


  • Venus de Mars will woo us with her dark-glam/trans band.


  • We’ll tour the innovations of the Community Violence Intervention Center.



To prepare for the future of work, we must construct a new architecture where every rung of scaffolding is reinforced to protect and support all women from the aftershocks of their gender implications.



In the meantime, there is a woman in your life (maybe even yourself!) who needs to scream-roar all of the beauty, frustration, and glory pent up inside. As our gift for International Women’s Day, we special commissioned this GIF from Libby VanderPloeg. Enjoy.


Love Pollen.