Imagination is a part of daily life at Pollen.

It’s a critical ingredient to our creativity, and our belief in a better future. Imagination drives our efforts to decenter dominant systems of power in art, design, and storytelling in social justice movements.

Thinking imaginatively demands that we seek and commit to truths beyond what is, and look to what could be. And right now, we’re looking beyond what Pollen is, and toward what we could be.

To help us be better catalysts for the change so many communities are working toward, Pollen has been focusing our ability to imagine not just externally, but also internally. What kind of organization do we want to become, and how can we continue to evolve? As part of that evolution, we’ll be expanding the Pollen hive over the course of the year. There’s more to come, and we can’t wait to share these ongoing updates with you.


We’re Hiring

Art Director

A different approach to design is required to decenter harmful, oppressive systems of power. At Pollen, our creative team is tasked to not only imagine a better future, but to help other people see what it looks like. We challenge conventional ideas about designing for justice. We believe that high-end photography, illustration and design — often reserved for celebrities and big brands — should be applied to the nonprofit sector, a community of changemakers who are making the world better. Our visual storytelling is rooted in understanding the end goal: making people feel something that moves them into action to get us closer to the world we want. View job post.

Communications Manager

Stories are fuel for the engines of narrative change. Our editorial team strives to prime that engine in all the ways we know how: by taking risks in the stories we choose to share; by being ethical, authentic and responsible stewards for those stories; by examining and upending the standard power dynamics in storytelling; and by encouraging our network and our partners to reach beyond the stories at their fingertips, and toward the ones just out of sight. View job post.