Dedicated to building better-connected communities, visceral storytelling, and folding authenticity into everything we do, Pollen announces the launch of our new website.


The dawn of the digital age has propelled the business of building connections into an unprecedented state of flux. Websites have embarked on a digital space race and it is redefining the way readers experience content and connect. 

In response, Pollen — along with our talented partners at Westwerk — built a content rocket ship.

Pollenites crave information, context, and texture. In response to your feedback, we developed a website that pushes the boundaries of how connections are made, opportunities are shared, and how stories are consumed. We reimagined the user experience to connect with you in new and more engaging ways. We incorporated explosively bold graphics, and we are committed to telling the stories of unsung heroes through narrative nonfiction.




The new website features three main content areas — stories, opportunities and events. Within the stories section we set out on a mission to unlock the nitty gritty, heart-wrenching and sometimes funny stories of our region’s inspirational leaders. We have also completely re-imagined our job and event board, rejecting the out-dated style of listing resources and replacing it with an interactive experience that makes plugging in fun again. And finally, our events platform allows Pollen and our partners to market upcoming events through immersive content, which engages attendees in the event experience before they even register.


This new website is yours. We strive to inspire Pollenites to take individual and shared action — large and small — to build the future of our region. We invite our members to harness the platform for themselves, to co-create with us, and join us as we foster an even greater sense of community.