On June 1, 2021, Mitra Jalali, Neeraj Mehta, and Chavah Gabrielle joined the Pollen community to collectively imagine an idealized future for Minneapolis and St. Paul.


We asked each other questions about what narrative will emerge from 2021, what future we imagine for our community, what stories about that future we will share, what is required of us as individuals to realize that future, and how we can be better agents of narrative change in our everyday work and decision-making.

Sessions & Speakers


If you missed the event, or are looking for inspiration and ideas to fuel your own work, be sure to check out the video links below.


Let’s Imagine Something Better

Watch the full recording of the event featuring guest speakers Mitra Jalali, Neeraj Mehta, and Chavah Gabrielle. 


Poetry Reading

Watch Chavah Gabrielle’s reading of their poem, & If You Asked Me What Heaven Looked Like.

What People Had to Say

“The theme and content was very intriguing to me because it was familiar enough that I wanted to understand more. I’m gaining in awareness about the terms and situations that I have yet to be exposed to. I am very appreciative of how the speakers and facilitators connected with people with a variety of exposure to these topics. I am motivated to ready and dig into more.”



“I left with this question: what role does mutuality play in transformative justice? I’m pledging to dig in with how I develop relationships with elected officials — really appreciate the reminder that one person can’t do it alone and we’re all human beings and need to remind each other of that.”



“How to be more effective agents of narrative change? Say NO to respectability politics, break silences, justice + unity, racial justice + economic justice, and start with yourself. Challenge your own personal narrative first. Then, move onto family, friends, community, state, world… Such an inspiring conversation.”



“The importance of having a robust public imagination to move past what has been into new things that might be possible, and how narrative can help this new possible future take shape.”