We have been looking forward to this day since we began our leadership transition process. Our board and staff have been gathering regularly to determine what Pollen needs for its next era of leadership.

We knew our next executive director would need the talent, the vision, the heart, and the commitment to justice that would allow Pollen to build toward a society that is free, just, and loving. And we could not be more proud to announce that we have found the perfect person for the role: our own Ruby Oluoch.

VIDEO AND PRODUCTION by Benji Perez Gonzalez and Andrés Pérez

Since she joined our team in 2020, Ruby’s leadership has helped Pollen navigate some critical times. She has refined Pollen’s mission, elevated the organization’s thought leadership in narrative change locally and nationally, grown our programming and expertise in storytelling, and inspired our team through her personal commitments towards justice and liberation.

We’re thrilled to have her take on this new role, and can’t wait for all of our Pollenites and partners to get to know her as a leader and a hugely talented human being. You’ll be hearing from—and learning more about—Ruby in the days ahead.





Jamie and Ruby have been working closely together to ensure a smooth transition as we approach Jamie’s final day on December 9, and to begin dreaming about what is to come once Ruby begins as executive director on January 9.

We are so grateful to our Pollen community for following along during this unique time of transition and growth. We have loved sharing our process leading up to this significant moment, but we also recognize the tremendous amount of work that is to come. This is a pivotal moment for Pollen, not only as we undergo a change in executive leadership but also as we continue a new era of blooming into the landscape of narrative change.

We have big dreams for the future—breaking down harmful narratives and imagining new ones that have the power to galvanize and motivate those ready for change. We also know that lasting narrative change requires multiple spheres of influence, which is why Pollen is committed to growing, nurturing, and strengthening our region’s capacity for building narrative power.


We’ve spent the better part of 2022 restructuring our organization, investing in our team, and preparing for an executive director transition to be better catalysts for narrative change in our communities.


We invite you to bloom with us as we continue to build narrative power here in Minnesota, and set up Ruby and the entire Pollen team for success.