It’s spring, and new things are growing at Pollen!

Help us welcome our two newest additions to the hive: Emily Mauter, Director of Development, and Chelley McLear, Project Manager.



A longtime Pollenite, Emily is a fundraising, events and strategic operations leader, bringing ideas to life while engaging communities to support.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Emily is a results-oriented change agent, a relationship builder, and a spreadsheet whisperer who has worked in fundraising at local, regional, and national levels. With experience in strategic and operational planning, campaign analysis, fundraising event strategy and logistics, and grant writing, Emily enjoys discovering what inspires and motivates others to give. Emily believes in moving with joyful purpose towards equitable futures and that ethos guides her work.


“I’ve been a fan of Pollen for so long, and I’m thrilled to now be part of the team. I’m excited to grow philanthropic support for our narrative change work, and I’m even more excited to grow that support in a way that encourages our community to be bold when they imagine what’s possible.”

Emily Mauter Director of Development

You may recognize Chelley’s name from her previous work with Pollen in 2021. Chelley is a “blow-in” as they say back in Northern Ireland, where she managed the region’s largest community literary arts program. Her earliest forays to Minneapolis were as part of a touring performance group at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. Chelley has managed literary and visual arts education programs, led the Prison Arts Foundation (NI), and currently serves on the boards of Story Arts Minnesota and Four Humors Theater Company.


“After spending a little time working with Pollen in 2021, I was delighted when an opportunity arose to come back. Pollen is a team with a mission of progress, compassion and kindness and the skills to deliver that into the world through beautiful storytelling. What an honor it is to be a part of that.”

Chelley McLear Project Manager

Lasting narrative change requires multiple spheres of influence, which is why Pollen is committed to growing, nurturing, and strengthening our region’s capacity for building narrative power.

Investing in a strategy centered around narrative change means investing in our team of expert storytellers.

We invite you to Bloom With Us as we continue to build narrative power here in Minnesota, and set up Ruby and the entire Pollen team for success.