For the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing our story of growth at Pollen — including our strategic focus towards narrative change, and staff promotions in our editorial, design, and program departments.



There are even more beautiful new things happening at Pollen: we have hired and promoted four positions to make us better catalysts for change in our communities.


Art and stories are everything at Pollen. Our creatives are the force that illuminate the ideas and imagery that drive us towards positive change. We know that creators are the visionaries and strategists that help us construct the possibilities of a just, loving, and free future—that’s why our creative team is such a critical part in shaping our approach to narrative change. And Pollen Studio is a critical part of bringing that approach to other organizations that need support in their efforts to shift narratives in their work. I’m grateful these new team members have joined Pollen and look forward to seeing their brilliance shape our path.


Welcoming these team members feels like planting new seeds in good soil. They will stretch our roots deeper into our community and add to the blooming ecosystem of narrative change. Please join us in celebrating Annemarie, Andrés, Brenda, and Liz! 


Introducing: Communications Manager, Annemarie Eayrs; Art Directors, Andrés Pérez and Brenda Tran; and Pollen Studio Manager, Liz Atchison

As communications manager, Annemarie Eayrs will drive visibility of our online content, engage our target audiences, and elevate the power and consistency of the Pollen voice across all of our programs.


As art directors, Andrés Pérez and Brenda Tran will pair art and story for impact, challenging conventional ideas about designing for justice.


In a promoted role as Pollen Studio Manager, Liz Atchison will bring our narrative expertise to other mission-driven organizations looking to tell their stories in new and engaging ways.

“I am excited to be a part of this incredible team of storytellers and artists, working to forge community among Pollenites as we work toward a better future.”

Annemarie Eayrs Communications Manager

“I’ve always been inspired by Pollen’s work, and I’m overjoyed to bring my skills in design and photography to keep creating beautiful work that moves our communities in action.”

Andrés Pérez Art Director

“I’m grateful to be in community with such vibrant, imaginative, and loving humans—including the Pollen team, freelancers, and organizers.”

Brenda Tran Art Director

“I am thrilled to continue to support other mission-based organizations and build tools to expand storytelling to imaginative new heights.”

Liz Atchison Pollen Studio Manager

We’ll be inviting our Pollenites and partners to invest with us.

We know Pollen is just one part of a larger ecosystem of change. Our region is full of visionaries, organizers, collectives, organizations and leaders of all ages who are pushing for a better future in so many ways. We are proud to be part of that ecosystem, doing our part to help our communities get ready for the future we need.


As more and more nonprofits and foundations recognize the importance of centering racial justice, narrative power, and imagination in their communications, Pollen has become a go-to storytelling resource for our social sector.