In these last two years, we’ve been taking a deep look at our strengths. Instead of saying “what’s missing?” we’ve been asking “what’s working?”  



Over the past few years, our storytelling has become more focused on narrative change: breaking down harmful narratives, and building up those rooted in justice, community, and our shared humanity. That’s a big source of our strength, and our community is taking notice. Pollen Studio, our social enterprise that brings Pollen’s narrative storytelling expertise to other mission-driven organizations, has grown by 82% since 2018. 



Of course, justice, community, and shared humanity aren’t new concepts for Pollen — our work has been built around these ideas for years. But to be better catalysts for narrative change in our communities, we’re taking a close look at our strategy and structure, and making sure we’re set up to be regional leaders in the narrative change field.

Our Pollen Studio storytelling services and our strategic planning efforts on narrative change have in part been led by Ruby Oluoch, former Pollen Studio Manager. We’re excited to announce that Ruby will be making a move into a new position to strengthen our narrative change work. As Director of Narrative Programs, Ruby will help set Pollen’s high narrative ambitions and identify organizational strategies to help us reach them — disrupting the status quo, and imagining a society that is free, just, and loving.

“My first two years as Pollen Studio Manager showed me that there is both a strong demand for artful, strategic approaches to narrative change in our sector, and that the impact of these approaches can spark personal and collective transformation.

I am proud to represent Pollen’s commitment towards harnessing the power of art and stories to shape narrative change with this new role. I look forward to leading the strategic processes that will integrate all of Pollen’s work – the vibrant art and design, compelling stories, and community connections – into narrative programming that challenges and inspires us.”

Ruby Oluoch Director of Narrative Programs

We’ll be inviting our Pollenites and partners to invest in narrative change with us. As promised, we have more changes to share with you all soon. We also have some invitations coming your way. Invitations to support, celebrate, cry, partner, and imagine together.   

We know Pollen is just one part of a larger ecosystem of change. Our region is full of visionaries, organizers, collectives, organizations and leaders of all ages who are pushing for a better future in so many ways.



We are proud to be part of that ecosystem, doing our part to help our communities get ready for the future we need.