A type treatment that reads, "In the past two years of Pollen's growth and change, one of the most exciting parts has been expanding the hive." with an emphasis on growth, change and expanding the hive.


Today, We are thrilled to introduce two members of our growing team: Project Manager Michaela Schmidt and Director of Growth for Narrative Services Cat Polivoda!


Since joining the Pollen team as our Community Engagement Intern in 2020, Michaela has been a driving force behind projects like 50 Over 50 and the Bloom With Us campaign. We could not be more proud to introduce her to our Pollenites as she continues to steward Pollen projects and help our partners build their narrative power.


As Pollen’s new Director of Growth for Narrative Services, Cat will play a key role in increasing Pollen’s narrative impact through Pollen Studio. Cat will be a first point of contact for those looking to work with Pollen, building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Cat is looking forward to collaborating with change-making organizations, and exploring ways our creative team can harness the power of narrative in pursuit of their goals.


You may know Cat from her Pollen feature story, which traces her work within the fat liberation movement and the founding of Cake Plus-Size Resale. Recently, Cat handed over management of daily operations to Cake’s capable team. 

“I’m thankful to be working for such an inspirational and impactful organization like Pollen. I know that the work we do through storytelling and narrative change will create deep connections and strengthen our communities. I’m excited to see what’s to come.”

Michaela Schmidt Project Manager

“I’m thrilled to be able to connect mission-driven organizations with Pollen’s narrative service capabilities. Together, we can work toward narrative change that strengthens their ability to tell stories for the most impact.”

Cat Polivoda Director of Growth for Narrative Services

Lasting narrative change requires multiple spheres of influence, which is why Pollen is committed to growing, nurturing, and strengthening our region’s capacity for building narrative power.

Investing in a strategy centered around narrative change means investing in our team of expert storytellers.

We invite you to Bloom With Us as we continue to build narrative power here in Minnesota, and set up Ruby and the entire Pollen team for success.