We’re exploring a new era. Officially launching: Pollen Studio—our new creative agency that brings Pollen’s singular capabilities for storytelling and engagement to mission-driven organizations.

There’s a narrative expertise gap in MSP’s social sector.

Pollen Studio will be a go-to storytelling partner for nonprofits by a nonprofit. Every time Pollen Studio is hired, the net revenue is invested back into Pollen’s nonprofit programs of storytelling, engagement, and sharing opportunities. How cool is that?

Pollen Studio is a social enterprise—a new business model to sustain Pollen’s mission pursuit. In just four years, Pollen has quickly diversified revenue to stabilize its financial future (four years ago, 100% of of Pollen’s funding came from a single philanthropic source). 

What we do?

1. Storytelling—Experts in creating a narrative foundation, Pollen Studio equips organizations with powerful stories that can live across all of their content platforms.


2. Engagement—Artful, experiential events that bring people together to tip inspiration into action with innovative formats, unparalleled design, and wow-factors galore.


Our most valuable asset? 

The freelancers we partner with on every project. Pollen believes artists are essential strategic agents in solving society’s biggest problems. With a talent pool of 130+ freelancers, Pollen is a gateway to a super creative crew of writers and artists.

Who hires us?


Pollen Studio only works with mission-driven clients (nonprofits, foundations, government agencies, and social enterprises) those working to solve society’s most pressing challenges.

 Just you wait, we’re only getting started.

Take a look around on Pollen Studio. Check out our past work, list of clients, and let us know if you have a project you’d like to discuss. Thank you for being with us on this journey.