Over the next few months Pollen will be winding down its operations.


As we prepare to sunset Pollen and intentionally phase out its programming, we’ll keep sharing updates along the way. Despite our best efforts, a long-term solution is not possible and as a result, the difficult decision to sunset the organization will take into effect in the Spring of 2024.


We want to offer a heartfelt thank you to everyone who surrounded us during this difficult time. The team and board has been exploring several avenues to rebuild after almost closing our doors in July, however it is not feasible to receive enough funding to continue operations with the staff we’d need for this work.


Please refer to the list below for the latest updates:

  • As of April 3rd, Pollen is no longer accepting GiveMN donations, Patreon subscriptions, merch sales or paid opportunities listing.
  • Pollen’s job board is no longer accepting new entries. Any paid opportunities submitted after March 16th will be reimbursed. You’ll receive an email confirmation from the hello@pollenmidwest.org account for confirmation.
  • Pollen’s team went through additional layoffs and an official close date will be announced in the near future.
  • Stay tuned for a few more opportunities for the community to gather together in-person to mourn this loss, celebrate the life of this organization and share gratitude for all that Pollen was for fourteen years.


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