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A Thank You From Pollen

Building narrative power cannot be done successfully by a single organization or even one sector — it requires multiple spheres of influence to create impact. Beyond the storytellers, artists, organizers, funders, and policy makers, it starts with people who believe that a more just, free, and loving future is possible.

We’re at a pivotal moment in Pollen’s growth and change—welcoming Ruby Oluoch as our new executive director, and sharpening our focus on narrative work as our contribution to a growing ecosystem of community builders.

We set a goal to raise $55,000 by the end of 2022 to help us navigate this change and continue growing. Thanks to these Pollenites, we made our goal!flower and leaf illustrations

Aaron Brekke
Abby Wellan
Adaline Shinkle
Adriana Alejandro
Agnes Odinga
Airika Coblentz
Alex Boutrous
Allegra Lockstadt
Allison Wagstrom
Alyce Eaton
Amanda Kaler
Amanda LaGrange
Amy Litman
Amy Overgaard
Andriana Abariotes
Anita Patel
Anthony Taylor
April Riordan
AWH Architects

Bennett Gordon
Beth Brezenoff
Betsy Hodges
Bev Bachel
Binta Kanteh
Brian Garshelis
Brooke Brown
Carin Mrotz
Carla Valadez
Cat Polivoda
Cecelia & Arun Caspram
Chloe Chesla
Chris Cohen
Chris Lambe
Christina Cohen
Clara Sanders
Courtney Algeo
Courtney Backen
Courtney Kupsch
Cynthia Zapata
Damon Shoholm
Dan Cramer
Daniel Bergin

Danielle Gangelhoff
David Hamilton
Dennis Cass
Dennis Lamptey

Elise Matheny
Ellen Walthour
Emily Mauter
Erika Idrovo Cuesta
Erin Loughran
Ethelind Kaba
Flannery Clark
Gail Cohen
Haley Thannum
Hannah Vogel
Hati Kobusingye
Heather Olson
Hosea Ojwang
Isabel Morgan
Jamie Schumacher

Janiece Watts
Jasmine Sanchez
Jason Hancock
Jeff Achen
Jerome Rankine
Jon D Slock
Jonathan Weinhagen
Josephine Juma
Julia Ruther
Julie Cohen
Dr. Juma Edwin
Kalice Allen
Karah Barr
Kate and Roger Barr
Kate Khaled
Kate Schaefers
Kate Wolford
Katie Blanchard
Katie Hong
Kay Joslin
Kaylie Burns Gahagan
Kelsi Sharp
Kenzie O’Keefe
Kim Borton
Kowsar Mohamed
Lars Leafblad
Laura Henry
Laura Reller
Lee Roper-Barker
Lillie Benowitz
Lindsay Lelivelt
Lisa Middag
Liz Atchison
Lolyann Connor
Lulete Mola
Mara Stommes
Marcia Gustafson
Marty Bennett
Mary Loftus
Mary Ndira-Otieno
Mary Uran
Matt Rowe
Mayra Nadal

Meghan McInerny
Meher Khan
Melanie Walby
Merry Frimond
Michael Kleber-Diggs
Minneapolis Foundation

Monica Delgado
Mónica Nadal
Nancy Youree
Naomi Sadighi
Nausheena Hussain
Nicole Weiler
Nolan Morice
Pahoua Hoffman
Paul & Ann Barnard Toftness
Paul & Kim Thomas
Peggy Birk
Quincy Ballard
Rachel Engh
Rachel Johnson
Rachel Wagner
Randy Millard
Reba and Paul Dominski
Rich Cowles
Riegel Niederman
Ryan Kroening
Sarah Clyne
Sarah Hovseth
Shamaila Usmani
Silper Pesa
SooJin Pate
Stephanie Jacobs
Steven Malk and Alexandra Sartor
Sue Crolick
Taylor Lubich
Tiffany Xiong
Tom Loftus
Tracy Fischman
Tricia Heuring
Urbane DrK Consulting
U.S. Bank Foundation
Valery Wehrman
Venty-Eva Juma
Wenda Moore
Whitney Larson
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Women’s Foundation of Minnesota
Zack Farley

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