Ann Bancroft Foundation Annual Celebration: Imagine Something Bigger
Ann Bancroft Foundation

THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2022 | 5:30 – 9:00 PM


When was the last time you dared to dream bigger for yourself? The last time you faced a threshold of change and possibility, did you feel uncertainty, excitement, fear, curiosity, courage, and anticipation? Who was by your side, surrounding you with reassurance, encouragement, hugs and belief in your dreams? 

Every year, the Ann Bancroft Foundation meets hundreds of girls on their journey of possibilities and supports them as they explore their dreams and imagine something bigger for themselves, through grants, mentorship, and ongoing development opportunities. 

These moments between dreaming, action, and excitement for the unknown are not easy, but when we invest in girls who Imagine Something Bigger for themselves, we are supporting them as they cross that same threshold. We are equipping them with the confidence to explore, the freedom to try, the opportunity to discover, the resilience to bounce back if their idea doesn’t work the first time. Your support is the critical voice saying, “you can” and “why not?”

Join us on April 13 to celebrate and honor the threshold of bravery that our girls cross every day when they choose to Imagine Something Bigger. 

Imagine Something Bigger event invitation

The evening promises inspirational performances, exciting auctions, and remarkable speakers on the bravery required to Imagine Something Bigger for ourselves. 

Special recognition goes to our Impact Award Honoree, Gloria Perez, President & CEO, Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

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