Ballinger | Leafblad: Finding the Good
Civic search done differently
Nov 1, 2018

Photos by Amy Gee

Meet the entrepreneurs behind Ballinger | Leafblad: Dr. Marcia Ballinger and Lars Leafblad. These two Pollenites are behind one of the 18 values-driven businesses that have come together in support of Pollen’s mission to invest in human connection. Together, they challenge Pollenites to raise $20,000 by Give to the Max Day on November 15, which they will match dollar for dollar.

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All About Ballinger | Leafblad

Ballinger | Leafblad is a civic search firm that helps organizations make collective hiring decisions at critical moments of leadership transition. They work exclusively in the civic sector with organizations that do good—foundations, nonprofits, higher education institutions and professional associations.

Co-founders Dr. Marcia Ballinger and Lars Leafblad bring decades of experience to the table—proven methods, deep insights and diverse connections. The classic way to do business. But they’re innovative enough to reimagine the search process for the civic sector. Building trust, forging long-term relationships, and focusing on collaboration.

Their mantra? “Good is different. And different is good.”

Ballinger | Leafblad is located across the patio from Lake Monster Brewing in Saint Paul. “Our doors are always open,” says Lars. “Stop on in and say hello!”


Let’s hear from Ballinger | Leafblad

Pollen: What’s your favorite way to meet new people?
Lars: Unexpectedly.
Marcia: At the suggestion of other people who see a reason why two people in their network should connect. The more far-fetched it seems, the better!

Pollen: When’s the last time you made an unexpected connection that turned out to be beautiful and transformative?
Lars: Being invited to have coffee with someone who had read a LinkedIn post I’d written about my recovery from alcoholism.

Pollen: What are your favorite questions to ask when you are preparing someone to share their own story?

Marcia: Here are four:

  1. Where does chapter one of your story begin?
  2. Who have been the most impactful teacher(s) in your life? Why?
  3. What brings you joy?
  4. How do you go about deciding/selecting/prioritizing?

Pollen: Where do you find your greatest sense of community?
Lars: Being in conversation and connection with people who share their full selves openly, vulnerably and without judgment of others. I’ve experienced this in a number of different moments and networks.

Pollen: Why do you value being part of the Pollen community?
We value the opportunity to contribute to the acceleration of serendipity that unfolds from Pollen’s work. We love the people and vibe of Pollen.



Find Ballinger | Leafblad and give them an online hug for supporting Pollen.
Twitter – @marciaballinger, @larsleafblad
Instagram – @larsleafblad
Facebook –

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