Minneapolis Craft Market: The Mobile Makers
Fostering A Culture of Creativity
Nov 12, 2019

Photos by Darin Kamnetz, Kianna Notermann & Ryan Stopera. Video by Ryan Stopera.

Meet Hayley Matthews-Jones, the leader behind Minneapolis Craft Market. They’re one of the 12 purpose-driven businesses and organizations that have come together in support of Pollen’s mission to change our collective story for the better. Together, they challenge Pollenites to raise $20,000 by Give to the Max Day on November 14, which they will match dollar for dollar.

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All About Minneapolis Craft Market:

Minneapolis Craft Market is the Twin Cities’ mobile marketplace dedicated to crafts, featuring a rotating selection of handcrafted goods by the makers of the North. The organization hosts over 100 events per year at venues throughout the Twin Cities.

Minneapolis Craft Market is also a community social hub, and an incubator for the arts. “We believe the Twin Cities has a unique culture of creativity,” says founder Hayley Mathews-Jones. “Our goal is to provide a regular venue for both emerging and established makers, and tell the stories behind the creatives and brands that make Minneapolis such a dynamic city.”

POLLEN: Where do you see the intersection between your work and storytelling?

Our tagline is “Meet Your Maker.” From the beginning the market has been about more than transactional retail. We’ve always focused our brand on telling the stories behind the products. You’ll get to know the person making the work, why they started their business, how they source their materials, and the techniques they use. Shopping local is an investment in your community, it’s about choosing to purchase ethically and responsibly, and an important part of that is connecting shoppers with the people behind the products and building community.



POLLEN: What are some of the biggest challenges in being a small business owner?

The loneliness of being a single owner LLC is real! Being the writer, marketer, strategist, book keeper, event planner, administrator and more means having to be whole-brained (rather than just left or right brained) at all times. Add two kids under five in the mix and the to-do list gets insane pretty quickly!


POLLEN: Where do you look for inspiration?

The makers we work with are my biggest source of inspiration. Seeing so many artists work their first ever market with us and then grow their business to perhaps owning a shopfront, or making the jump to full time professional artist is the biggest motivator. I’m also always interested in having conversations to see how other businesses manage the workload of day jobs, creative life, family life and self care.



POLLEN: What is your favorite part about living where you do?

Having moved here from London in 2008, I would say that the network of creatives in the Twin Cities is very special. It’s possible to engage with others, build meaningful relationships and truly be part of the community in a way that isn’t possible in other cities. We’re so lucky to have co-working spaces, creative conferences, arts buildings and other hubs that are focused on sustaining our creative community, it’s really very unique.



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