POCI in Public Policy Kick-Off
MSP Hello, Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs, Citizens League, Coalition of Asian American Leaders


Hello! – ¡Hola! – Hau! – Haŋ! – Salaam! – Nyob zoo! 

Why Attend?
The POCI Policy Initiative invites you to our kick-off event for a night of community and fun. Connect with other POCIs, share stories, foster deep relationships, while expanding your professional network. 

Why our voices?
This kick-off is an acknowledgement of the crucial role our voices hold in crafting policies for the state of Minnesota. This and future events will provide a chance to network with other policy engaged POCIs in MN and create a space to take a breath from the grind of our work. Expect to hear remarks from incoming and returning elected officials and other leaders from indigenous communities and communities of color, network speed dating, and PLENTY of time to just kick it. 

Who should attend?
People of color or indigenous people who are working or interested in public policy decision making in the state of Minnesota.

Who we are!
The POCI Policy Initiative is an emerging collective for indigenous people and people of color in Minnesota’s policy community.

Generously Sponsored by:
– MSP Hello 
– Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs

With Support from:
– Citizen’s League
– Council of Asian American Leaders

Please register for Dec. 13 on Eventbrite

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