Reimagining Your Narrative: Lessons in Ethical Storytelling with Pollen

September 23, 2021

We’re headed into a collective rebuilding and recovery era. As fundraisers, our task will be to share a new vision with supporters. Now is the time to get clear and focused on your organization’s most powerful path forward. The story you tell right now will pave the way for what comes next. In this session, we’ll highlight two critical communication mindsets to keep centered as we all continue to move forward.

  1. The importance of imagination in painting a narrative vision. Our audiences want to know how we imagine building a better future—let’s bring them along to see what’s possible.
  2. Relevant, authentic, and ethical storytelling is deeply needed when imagining a new future and the steps toward that future.

There’s no time for bullshit, sector jargon, or vague impact statements. In this session, you’ll hear examples of how nonprofits are using these strategies effectively. You’ll also have space to think and process on how you can craft your own strong narrative and connect with others in small breakout sessions.


Jerome Rankine (he/him), Editorial Director, Pollen

Julie Cohen (she/her), Engagement & Advancement Director, Pollen

Cori Ertz (she/her), International Institute of Minnesota

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