Stand Up Prints
Highpoint Center for Printmaking

On view October 23 – November 21, Stand Up Prints will showcase how contemporary printmaking is helping to amplify the messages of people and communities who demand change.

Printmaking has functioned historically as a means of disseminating information and knowledge, but also as a powerful tool for communicating social and political messages to a mass audience. Dissent, outrage, inspiration, hope, and calls for social justice are common themes in prints made by artists including Kara Walker (US), Francisco Goya (Spain), Honore Daumier (France), Jose Guadalope Posada (Mexico), Glenn Ligon (US), Käthe Kollowitz (Germany), Sister Corita Kent (US), and collectives like Taller de Gráfica Popular (Mexico), AfriCOBRA (US) and See Red Women’s Workshop (UK).

In honor of the voices in Minneapolis that have inspired communities worldwide to stand up, Highpoint Center for Printmaking’s Stand Up Prints exhibition will highlight artists who are using printmaking to address social and political issues right now.

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