The Business Women’s Circle: Continuous Support
All about listening, learning and leadership
Nov 1, 2018

Photos by Amy Gee

Meet the Lani Basa, the CEO of The Business Women’s Circle, one of the 18 values-driven businesses that have come together in support of Pollen’s mission to invest in human connection. Together, they challenge Pollenites to raise $20,000 by Give to the Max Day on November 15, which they will match dollar for dollar.

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All About The Business Women’s Circle

The Business Women’s Circle brings like minded women together to talk business, leadership and life. Lead by CEO and lead facilitator Lani Basa, the BWC is a place women can learn, grow and develop skills with facilitated tools, support and inspiration from other women. “We are all about creating experiences for women that foster growth in business, leadership and life,” says Lani. The BWC works to curate groups that complement and challenge each member for growth using a combination of accountability, learning and support.

The core values that drives The BWC are: a commitment to the experience (for members, team and partners), being focused on growth, creating supportive environments and processes, providing education and making connections as well as ensuring ongoing evolution.

“The BWC is open to all women in business—whether you own the company or not,” says Lani. “Women who want to grow in all aspects of their lives.”

Let’s hear from Lani

Pollen: What’s your favorite way to get someone to talk about their story?
Lani: Asking great questions! And really listening.


Pollen: How do you go beyond transactional relationships to build real connection and meaning in your networks?
Lani: Our focus is on how we can help—not what we can get out of a relationship. Even if we can’t help, we might know someone who can. So we approach each meeting with curiosity and thinking about what we can discover.

Pollen: What’s your origin story? What brought you to this work?
Lani: I was a corporate “intrapreneur” who realized I no longer fit my organization. So I left to figure out my “entrepreneurial gig” with a two-year window to do it. I reached out to a dear friend who was a serial entrepreneur to explore what might be next for me. She in turn had an idea to try for a year to see if it would work and invited me to be a part of it. The idea was the impetus for The BWC which we started in 2009. I was lucky to have someone like Myrna Marofsky to work with—she saw things in me that I hadn’t and it led me to doing work that I love.


Pollen: What inspires you the most about the clients you work with?
Lani: What I love is seeing the growth of my clients. Sometimes that growth is in their business through working a plan that they are getting advice and support from in their Circles. Often times it is their personal growth that means the most to me.

To see my clients’ confidence increase, their own awareness of their superpowers, and that they have what it takes to do what they want—that is perhaps the most inspiring and the reason I continue to do what I do. 


Pollen: Why do you value being part of the Pollen community? 
Lani: Pollen is about community building through storytelling—be that through their writing, events, or offering of opportunities to connect with others. Storytelling is something that humans are hard-wired for and is part of our history, tradition and lifeblood. We connect with others through their stories because we recognize ourselves in it, are inspired by it or moved by it. Through their work, Pollen provides a rich experience for us and our community—an experience we can truly support and get behind.



Find The Business Women’s Circle and give them an online hug for supporting Pollen.
Twitter: @bwcircles
Instagram: @thebwcorg
Facebook: @TheBusinessWomensCircle

Posted by Pollen on Nov 1, 2018
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