The Loft’s Novel Writing Project, 2021
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Your novel, from first word to last and on to market.

One year is plenty of time to write a novel. That’s the first lesson of this year-long course. The hundred other lessons that follow will take into account everything from how to begin to how to end, and what to do with your novel once you’ve finished. Over the course of the next year, we’ll write seriously, we’ll read like scholars, we’ll meet best selling authors, luminaries in publishing, and distinguished booksellers and local literary agents. But most importantly, we’ll develop the resources and relationships to move ahead with a writing life once the course is finished. Please see the special Novel Writing Project page on the Loft’s website for further information including schedule and syllabus.

While we had intended to meet in-person, COVID-19 made other plans. This cohort will meet via Zoom from at least the first meeting through the end of May, 2021, with the goal of meeting at the Loft at Open Book, in downtown Minneapolis, starting this summer if it is safe to do so. Please register for this option if you are local to the Twin Cities and will be able to drive to Downtown Minneapolis to attend our hoped for in-person meetings once it is safe to gather in person again. Of course, this option may end up being virtual for all of 2021, so please be aware of this as you decide to register.

One-on-one meetings with Peter Geye will also be held over the course of the year, live online via Zoom, or in person if it is safe to do so. These include one introductory meeting before the program kicks off in February, and one manuscript consultation session with Peter after the program concludes (and you submit your final manuscript) in December.

Your program orientation meeting is scheduled to take place Tuesday, January 26, 2021, at 6pm via Zoom.

Your final public reading will be Thursday, January 13, 2022, at 7pm in the performance hall at The Loft/Open Book.

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