Two Bettys: Keeping it Clean (and Green)
When green cleaning meets environmental justice and equity
Nov 8, 2018

Photos by Amy Gee

Meet Anna Tsantir—a driving force behind Two Bettys. They’re one of the 18 values-driven businesses that have come together in support of Pollen’s mission to invest in human connection. Together, they challenge Pollenites to raise $20,000 by Give to the Max Day on November 15, which they will match dollar for dollar. 

Match the Hive and donate today.  

All About Two Bettys

Two Bettys is a green cleaning service that pursues environmental justice with true green cleaning materials and procedures. They clean house, but that’s not all: They advocate for economic justice by promoting a living wage and micro-entrepreneurship, and they foster social justice by engaging in the education of their staff and community.

Their core values are a true guide to how they operate. “Everything we do should align with these values,” says self-described “Founder Lady” Anna Tsantir.

“We are in people’s homes, their castles, and their safe and happy places. We honor their trust and show constant gratitude.”

Two Bettys is also dedicated to taking on the challenge of racial inequity in our state. “We are ranked 2nd worst in the country on racial equity across the board as a state, and we want to connect to as many as possible working to correct this truly shameful ranking,” says Anna.

“In 2019 our company goals include really honing our presence in the community, on paper and in practice as a social enterprise.”


Let’s hear from Anna 

Pollen: Why do you value being part of the Pollen community?

Every Pollen event that we have attended has inspired, challenged and motivated. Your mission is not only in line with our mission, but it is exciting and it is valuable to have an organization in the community connecting people beyond social media. We have found a lot of value in engaging with Pollen, and therefore connecting to those in our community we relate to. #strongertogether


Pollen: When did you know you wanted to become an entrepreneur?

I am an accidental entrepreneur. I joke that I am unemployable, so there wasn’t a huge choice. I like to make things out of nothing, I like to disrupt, grow, change and adapt—evolve quickly. Those things match the entrepreneurial job description.



Pollen: What is your greatest source of pride in your work?

We employ a 145 cleaners at a living wage that is 60% above industry standard.

We are the greenest green cleaner in town.

We don’t miss an opportunity to educate our clients about how the microactions—like hiring an (actual) green cleaning company—really are fighting climate change.

We are working to undo Minneapolis’ ranking as 2nd worst city in the country in regards to racial equity across the board. We work with purpose.


Pollen: What responsibilities do you feel as a business leader in your community?

To reveal an alternative to ‘business as usual’ and raise awareness around the social enterprise. To not pollute. To be servant leaders. To use our agency and the seat at the tables we get invited to sit at to bring a person who may not be represented there along with us. To shop our values, to vote our values and to model change we want to see.



Pollen: How can people find a greater sense of community?

Start talking to strangers. Shop your values. Get involved. Vote.

Shovel your elderly neighbor’s walk. Attend your neighborhood meetings. Email your city councilperson your thoughts. Babysit for the single parent on your block. Attend your kid’s PTA meetings. Just take whatever small actions towards that goal. They start to add up. And all the sudden you find a greater sense of community.





Find Two Bettys and give them an online hug for supporting Pollen.
Instagram: @twobettysgreenclean
Facebook: @twobettys

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