Workplace Conflict Management & Communication Skills
Rebecca Schueller Training & Consulting, LLC




10:00am-noon; offered via Zoom


Optimal conflict management includes the ability to address disagreements and tensions early, directly, and with dignity, professionalism, and respect.  Unfortunately, workplace conflict too often saps morale, diverts energy, and causes staff to look for other employment.  Even worse, it prevents organizations from harnessing different opinions and ideas that are critical to effective problem-solving, workplace improvements, and organizational growth. Many have been disappointed that remote work and virtual environments have not magically eliminated workplace conflict.  After a tense interaction, staff often dread seeing each other and begin practicing avoidance. There is a better way.  During this webinar, participants will learn, observe, and discuss:

* Conflict management styles

* Upholding values to treat coworkers and clients with kindness, dignity, and respect

* How to maintain strong working relationships during conflict and difficult conversations

* Strategies to improve communication during difficult conversations

* Role modeling how to Handle Difficult Situations with Coworkers and Supervisors

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