Every piece of her past informs her current career. Today, Cecily makes her living helping others navigate the twists and turns of life, as a highly sought after futurist. She guides companies through a process of paying close attention to trends, markets, data, and culture. The goal? Futuristic breakthroughs to problems of the present.crayons-12


To see into Cecily’s own future, we’ll look into her past to find a path to remarkable imagination and resilience.


Cecily comes from a line of builders and searchers. Growing up in an alternative family— creative and academic—she watched her mother, a painter, flit from Judaism to Catholicism to Hinduism and to Buddhism. Her stepfather was a professor. Her father worked in public television and radio. While this collection of adults may not have prepared her for the skills of making a robust living, she learned that to lead an interesting life you must be interested in life.


Let’s watch her move forward, shall we? 





Attacking life with gusto and enthusiasm, Cecily dove deep into all of her passions—everything from romance, to dance, to a surprising new love for science.





Even after finding success, there was still the need for more. Cecily itched to find a “thumbs up” feeling with a partner. She couldn’t predict that everything would be lost in the process.


At this point, Cecily may not have known where she was going. But she knew how to put on a show. She knew how to teach. She knew how to run a business. So Cecily set out to combine these skills in such a way that could forge a new direction for her career. After many iterations, she founded the Push Institute, a think tank that tracks the implications of global trends. Within the institute, Cecily created the PUSH conference as a call to action for audiences to take charge of the future. Speakers at PUSH included the unlikely combination of the Prime Minister of Estonia, a theoretical physicist, a Grammy-Award winning songwriter, and a buddhist teacher.



Once asked, who are you to be doing all this? Cecily answered, “I’m the one doing it.” 





In finding herself, Cecily was prepared for the big life challenges still ahead. She now had the experience to position herself as a leading expert in predicting business trends. But even more importantly, she is now able to uncover purpose in others.



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Evan Palmer
Evan is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Minneapolis, MN. By day Evan is a web and animation producer at PUNY, while by night he is a freelance illustrator, storyboard and concept artist, and self publishes his own comics about robots, wizards, and cooking. He has worked on such titles as Yo Gabba Gabba!, Scott Pilgrim, Vertigo's Fables and for clients such as Cartoon Network and BOOM! Studios.
Leigh Luna
Leigh Luna lives in Minneapolis but would much rather live in a tree house. She spends the vast majority of her time making comics and illustrations about woodland adventures. These are highly influenced from being raised in New Mexico. Her children's comic Clementine Fox is currently being published on GoComics by Andrews McMeel Universal. In addition she works for BOOM! on the Adventure Time Comics.