Print Books on Bush Prize Winners — Creative case studies you actually want to read

Client: Bush Foundation
Deliverables: Storytelling, Editorial Management, Design, Illustration, Digital Campaigns  

Bush Prize Books
— A book on innovation must itself be innovative.

CLIENT GOAL: When it came time for the Bush Foundation to showcase the stories of its Bush Prize winners, traditional, evaluative case studies weren’t going to cut it. Instead, Bush Foundation wanted Pollen to create narrative-driven, art-drenched capsule books worthy of any coffee table.

SOLUTION #1: Pollen led all art direction, editorial vision, and production for these 150+ page books.


SOLUTION #2Pollen distilled the most wonky and complex social change missions, stripping language of jargon—unearthing the narrative heart.

SOLUTION #3: Custom illustrations foster a feeling of invitation, creativity, and emotion.

SOLUTION#4With footnotes, tips, anecdotes, and icons, Pollen made sure nonprofits would have what they needed to tackle the regions thorniest social issues. It is a keepsake designed to be dog-eared, highlighted, and referenced well into the future.

ASK US ABOUT: How these stories not only live in the printed book, but were also be distributed as engaging, evergreen digital and social content.

Pollen Studio is an amplifier for our narrative change model. Through our unique, intentional creative process, we pair our storytelling and design expertise with our partners’ work for positive social change — allowing each organization to deepen their impact. These projects and partnerships are critical to Pollen's mission, nurturing an ecosystem of narrative change that can catalyze transformation at individual, collective, and systemic levels.

On this project: Creative and Editorial Director: Meghan Murphy; Client Relations: Jamie Millard; Project Management: Julie Cohen; Designers: Meghan Murphy and Sara Fowler; Photography: Passenger Productions; Researchers: Wilder Research; Writers: Maya Beck, Victoria Blanco, Morgan Mercer, Kristin Donnan, Nicole Nfonoyim-Hara, Ken Steinken, Courtney Bergey, Kari Mugo, Karis Thompson; Illustrators: Ann Macarayan, John Wilinski Project, Sara Fowler, Peter Steineck.