Restore North Web Launch — A new look that feels like the Northside.

Client: Northside Funders Group
Deliverables: Design, Illustration, Photography, Web and Social Media.

CLIENT GOAL: When North Minneapolis was facing the twin challenges of the pandemic and unrest after the killing of George Floyd, getting financial support out into the community was the highest priority. That’s why Northside Funders Group hired Pollen Studio to design their fundraiser with West Broadway Coalition as part of a new website launch.

Campaign Strategy, Design and Distribution

The #RestoreNorth campaign became a recognizable image across Minneapolis and beyond, totaling over $2 million worth of donations that went directly to Northside business owners. The campaign and the website include licensed photography from longtime Pollen Contributors Ryan Stopera, Nancy Musinguzi, and Adja Gildersleve and custom illustrations by Pollen Studio.


Pollen Studio is an amplifier for our narrative change model. Through our unique, intentional creative process, we pair our storytelling and design expertise with our partners’ work for positive social change — allowing each organization to deepen their impact. These projects and partnerships are critical to Pollen's mission, nurturing an ecosystem of narrative change that can catalyze transformation at individual, collective, and systemic levels.