Illustrating the Wise Ink Brand — Branding that screams heart and personality

Client: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Deliverables: New Brand, Stories, Print, Newsletters, Social

Capabilities: Design, Writing, Communications Planning 



Client Goal:

Wise Ink helps others tell their story, but how do they showcase their own story? Stock photos and commonplace icons weren’t cutting it.

With Pollen’s understanding of story, we mapped out the Wise Ink narrative and commissioned emotive, compelling illustrations to match.

Solution #1:
One illustration can tell an entire story. Through sharp art direction, we editorialized the entire Wise Ink journey into one, hero illustration.

Solution #2:

Through strong voice, these illustrations capture the creative soul of Wise Ink’s mission to support authors in changing the world.

Solution #3:

Beyond whimsy, these illustrations also visually breakdown the ins and outs of everything behind Wise Ink’s work.



Dara Beevas, Wise Ink:
“From the beginning, Pollen has had a grasp of what makes Wise Ink special and that is something we do not take for granted. Pollen has always felt like a champion for our organization who appreciates our purpose, and is invested in the story we feel is our mission to tell.”

Ask Us About:

How custom icon illustration can represent your work more accurately than cold stock icons, while also bringing warmth and distinctiveness.

Pollen Studio brings a collective approach to everything we produce. We’ve built a network of more than 130 freelancers allowing us the advantage of customizing teams based on the expertise, diverse backgrounds, and perspectives needed to produce the most equitable and trustworthy story.

On this project: Creative Director: Meghan Murphy; Client Relations: Jamie Millard; Project Management: Diane Fittipaldi; Illustrator: Bill Ferenc.