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She Saved Her Husband From Deportation

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Good Counsel for Hard Times

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Assistant Dean, Marketing & Communications
Carlson School of Management
VIA Ballinger Leafblad, Inc.
The deep roots and long reach of immigration policy
By Vichet Chhuon
VIA Vichet Chhuon
Minnesota Humanities Center Grant Opportunities
Minnesota Humanities Center
VIA Minnesota Humanities Center
Program Assistant, International
McKnight Foundation
VIA Joni Chacich


Pollen invests in human connection to fuel momentum for social change.


Learn about Pollen Studio
March 13, 2018

Pollen Studio is a social enterprise that brings Pollen’s core expertise for narrative storytelling and engagement-centered events to other mission-driven organizations.


Upcoming Events To Be Announced
May 31, 2018
Stay tuned for details about our next event, #LikeABoss.

Pollen hosted its largest and first all day Work Redux event on April 9, 2018, at the Minnesota History Center. Over 300 women and non-binary leaders gathered to talk about how we measure worth — not just by money and title, but also by how we define our self-worth, our dignity, our humanity.