meet callie

part two: what is gained

meet callie

part one: what is lost

consent agenda

our work to prevent sexual assault

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Communications Specialist
Girl Scouts River Valleys
VIA Beni Wannasri
EDTalks – Education and Leadership: Indigenous Perspectives
Achieve Twin Cities
VIA Heidi Draskoci-Fricke
Manager of Community Engagement at Orchestra Hall
Minnesota Orchestra
VIA Sarah Leider
Chief Financial Officer
College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota
VIA Zang Lee


Pollen is a media arts nonprofit that harnesses the power of narrative change to build towards a society that is free, just, and loving.


A Letter from Jamie Millard
June 15, 2022

By the end of this year, Jamie Millard will be leaving her role as Pollen’s Executive Director. This is an exciting moment of growth for her and for the organization. Read more.


The Trailhead, 1221 Theodore Wirth Pkwy, Minneapolis, MN 55422
June 30, 2022
We deserve a space to celebrate, reflect back on the past two years, and gather in this new weird world. Come practice being human with us on Thursday, June 30, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at The Trailhead in Theodore Wirth Park!


It’s often said that the arc of history bends toward justice — but it’s less often that we talk about who actually does the bending. The hard work of changing our collective story for the better starts with people power — movements and those who build and support them. Pollen Live brought together leaders deeply embedded in the work of bringing people together — often across lines of difference — to fight for equity, empathy, and our shared humanity.