Maybe, Probably Not

A poem by Chavah Gabrielle

Reflect the Times

art finds the people within the story

No Justice, No Unity

What does justice require?

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Executive Director
Watercourse Counseling Center
VIA Julie J Koch
Assistant Director, Host Home and Collective Housing
Avenues for Youth
VIA Katherine Meerse
Senior Communications Strategist
Black Visions Collective
VIA Natalie Harris
Illuminate The Lock: Madweyaashkaa: Waves Can Be Heard
Moira Villiard & Park Connection
VIA Callie Sacarelos


Pollen is a media arts organization that fosters empathy, encourages connection across difference, and inspires meaningful action through narrative storytelling.


Looking Back on Navigating Through Change
March 16, 2021

Hundreds of nonprofit leaders from across Minnesota came together virtually on February 10, 2021, for a day of collaborative and holistic programming and support to help forge a new path forward.


Let’s Imagine Something Better
June 01, 2021
Join us on June 1 for a community conversation as we collectively imagine an idealized future for Minneapolis and St. Paul and examine the pathways and obstacles to realizing that future.

It’s often said that the arc of history bends toward justice — but it’s less often that we talk about who actually does the bending. The hard work of changing our collective story for the better starts with people power — movements and those who build and support them. Pollen Live brought together leaders deeply embedded in the work of bringing people together — often across lines of difference — to fight for equity, empathy, and our shared humanity.