the blessing.

Indigenous Roots Is Surviving, and Thriving


A New Conversation About Education

meet norma.

She Is Sharing Lessons of Dignity and Identity

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Director of Talent and Culture
The McKnight Foundation
VIA Ballinger Leafblad
The 20/20 Artist Fellowship
Springboard for the Arts
VIA Springboard for the Arts
Universal Design in Mind: Inclusive Program Development and Communication
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
VIA Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
Community Innovation Program Manager
Bush Foundation
VIA Gao Sheng Lee


Pollen invests in human connection to fuel momentum for social change.


Give to the Max Day Rewards
November 15, 2018

Match The Hive on Give to the Max Day and get a special Pollen reward.


Rise & Hive
Pollen | 701 North 3rd Street, Suite 204, Minneapolis, MN 55401
February 21, 2019
Join us for a casual open house at the Pollen office on Thursday, February 21, 2019.

Leaders aren’t always bosses. Bosses aren’t always leaders. And growing pains for any organization can be, well, painful. At #LikeABoss | Scale, we brought together leaders who have seen the good, bad, and ugly of trying to scale their missions, small businesses, or company departments.