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Executive Director
St. Stephen's Human Services
VIA Ballinger Leafblad, Inc.
Whose Streets? The Case For and Against Disruptive Protests
Citizens League
VIA Citizens League
Why Treaties Matter – Host
Minnesota Humanities Center
VIA Elle Lyons
Land Where the Water Reflects the Sky
by Patina Park
VIA Patina Park


Pollen invests in human connection to fuel momentum for social change.


Learn about Pollen Studio
March 13, 2018

Pollen Studio is a social enterprise that brings Pollen’s core expertise for narrative storytelling and engagement-centered events to other mission-driven organizations.


Work Redux | CHARISMA
Machine Shop | 300 2nd St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414
September 25, 2018
Work Redux brings together hundreds of women spanning diverse backgrounds to reimagine the future of the workplace. Join Pollen’s Work Redux community for a discussion about how women, men, and non-binary folks exhibit and benefit from charisma differently.

You are more than your job title—you contain multitudes. On Thursday, June 14, panelists Darla Kashian, Alexei Moon Casselle, and Jeremiah Ellison shared the myriad moments and decisions that brought them to their current leadership roles and the workplace cultures they’ve created as a result of those experiences.