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Managing Director
Mixed Blood Theatre
VIA Tabitha Montgomery
Ann Bancroft Foundation 25th Anniversary Celebration
Ann Bancroft Foundation
VIA Betsy Altheimer
Women Winning Political Intern
Women Winning
VIA Women Winning
At-Large Board Member
Asian American Organizing Project (AAOP)
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Pollen is a media arts nonprofit that harnesses the power of narrative change to build towards a society that is free, just, and loving.


Nurturing the Seeds We’ve Already Planted
May 5, 2022

To be better catalysts for narrative change in our communities, we’re taking a close look at our strategy and structure, and making sure we’re set up to be regional leaders in the narrative change field.


Pollen’s 2022 Event Lineup
June 02, 2022
Stay tuned for news about upcoming Pollen events.


It’s often said that the arc of history bends toward justice — but it’s less often that we talk about who actually does the bending. The hard work of changing our collective story for the better starts with people power — movements and those who build and support them. Pollen Live brought together leaders deeply embedded in the work of bringing people together — often across lines of difference — to fight for equity, empathy, and our shared humanity.