We’re on a never-ending quest to reveal the interconnectedness of this world. But we can't do it alone. Pollen depends on partners who understand that every subject, scenario, and person is a multifaceted entity, a Rubik’s Cube of possibility. Our partners share Pollen's vision in building a world of increased understanding and access — a world where up-to-somethingers are empowered and equipped to tackle the world and make change.  
  • Bush Foundation
    Why We Invest In Pollen

    Isolated leaders are a barrier to effective community problem-solving. Our region has a number of leadership hubs and networks that struggle to build and maintain connections among their members. Very little has been done to build connections across these groups. That’s where Pollen can think bigger, think differently, and spark regional transformation.

    Through a balance of immersive in-person experiences, network-building, and story-driven online engagements, Pollen and any of its selected partners will educate, empower, and engage as catalysts for community-building and creative change agents, with the goal of creating personal and professional growth for their members and an improved quality of life for all people living in the region the Bush Foundation serves. —Jennifer Ford Reedy, president of the Bush Foundation

  • Westwerk
    Working Together On A New Web Experience

    Westwerk’s goal is to partner with companies who believe in the power of well-branded, user-focused interactive experiences. Pollen’s reputation for pushing boundaries with its innovative culture made this partnership a perfect match for us. The new website reinvents how users experience Pollen’s rich content, serving up storytelling and connection building in a bold new way. Our collaboration has made it possible to stretch beyond conventional solutions both visually and technologically, producing amazing results. — Dan West, founder and executive creative director at Westwerk

  • MAP for Nonprofits
    Pollen's Fiscal Sponsor

    MAP’s interest and deep commitment to seeing Pollen succeed created the foundation for our partnership from the very beginning. Pollen needed a partner that would allow the leadership team to focus on the work at hand without getting bogged down by the bureaucracy of setting up and filing for 501c3 status. MAP currently provides Pollen with leadership guidance, oversight of financials, governance expertise and operational support. In this partnership, MAP will assist Pollen with the legalities of filing for nonprofit status and managing finances. The strength of our partnership and the trust we have built has allowed Pollen to hit the ground running. — Judith Alnes, executive director of MAP for Nonprofits