Pollen Studio

Pollen Studio is a creative agency for mission-driven organizations. We are explorers in creating a more just and vibrant future through social impact storytelling and the power of narrative change.


We transform complex ideas into colorful, accessible, and shareable content. Using custom art and the principles of good storytelling, we create visuals and narratives that compel audiences to pay attention. Our stories spark essential conversations and tip inspiration into action.

narrative change

We pair our storytelling and design expertise with our partners’ work for positive social change, nurturing an ecosystem of narrative change that can drive transformation at individual, collective, and systemic levels.


Changing the stories we tell ourselves about aging

CLIENT Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association PROJECT:

An ongoing creative partnership from branding and design to storytelling


Centering hope, community, and empowerment for 30,000 Feet.

CLIENT Bush Foundation PROJECT:

A book on innovation must itself be innovative

CLIENT Northside Funders Group PROJECT:

A new look that feels like the Northside.

CLIENT Wise Ink Creative Publishing PROJECT:

Illustrated branding that screams heart and personality


Investing in connection

A change in narratives — the shared stories we tell ourselves and each other — allows for change at other levels, transformations that can take root in ourselves, in our communities, or in our systems. Pollen Studio strengthens ecosystems of transformation in our region by helping our partners grow their own capacity for narrative change.

We work with mission-driven clients that are invested in making this world a more free, just, and loving place.

We’ve got an internal team of powerhouse creatives — writers, editors, designers, and social media experts that can help our partners’ stories shine.


Pollen Studio

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